is a start-up which focuses mainly on bringing in products and solutions keeping in mind the ecological imbalance which has been gradually leading to the destruction of mother nature.

”Eco-Friendly Borosilicate Glass Water Bottle” is our first product. It made up of special Borosilicate material which has a property of withstanding very high or low-temperature liquid. This glass is enclosed in a sophisticated silicone sleeve which is designed giving meticulous attention to details so that it will make the bottle nudge resistant and prevent conduction of heat to the outer surface. Water can be hot inside but you will not feel the heat on your palm. The enticing silicone sleeve design serves the purpose of making the bottle aesthetically superior from the rest of the bottles and its combination with the borosilicate glass will set new bars for the bottle industry.


This Eco-Friendly glass bottle is the need of the hour. Plastic bottles have been damaging the environment and it’s about time we strive towards putting an end to them. Borosilicate glass and silicone sleeve are food grade, dishwasher safe, biodegradable. Unlike plastic water bottles, this bottle will not leach toxic chemicals, which is harmful to health into the water and will ensure your water tastes just like it should.

What makes WAMLOR different?

BOROSILICATE – Yes! Wamlor bottles are made from high-quality premium borosilicate glass. It is resistant to thermal shock and can be used at very high temperatures, unlike normal glass bottles which shatter at high temperatures. It is corrosion resistant, unlike plastic or steel. The presence of optical clarity complements the aesthetics.

ECO-FRIENDLY – This is the need of the hour. Plastic bottles are the main cause of soil pollution, air pollution, water pollution. As a result, millions of terrestrial and aquatic creatures are killed every year. Wamlor water bottles are 100% eco-friendly. When you own one, you care about nature.

NON-TOXIC – Unlike plastic bottles which contain BPA, PAH, PCB and other toxic chemicals which leach into your water, glass is safe and your water will taste just like it should. When you own one, you care about your health.

STYLISH – Wamlor bottle is enclosed in a stylish and sophisticated ‘Turtle’ inspired silicone sleeve, designed giving scrupulous attention to details.

ERGONOMICS – Silicone Sleeve has an anti-slip feature which gives you the confidence to carry anywhere you go. Wet slippery hands isn’t a problem anymore. Sturdy and strong carry handle makes it even easier. The cap comes with a double click locking mechanism which makes the bottle leak proof. Silicone sleeve of 2mm thickness protects the glass against nudging. The base has been made 4mm thick for extra protection.

Where can you find the products?

WAMLOR Products can be brought on ( Link : ). We have three variants: Jet Black, Persian Blue, and Crimson Red.


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