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The day 6-Feb-1945 will be feeling proud of itself as the Jamaican land has gained a pearl. A never-ending pearl, a pearl whose name will never end & whose sound will always be echoing in each corner of the world, whose words will be shining like the sun shining in the sky. It’s BOB MARLEY, a man with golden heart & pleasant sound.Here are the Best Bob Marley Images HDBob Marley Images QuotesBob Marley iPhone Wallpapers.

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                     His full name was  ROBERT  NESTA MARLEY, also known by the name Donald Marley, Tuff Gong. He was a sweet Jamaican singer, best songwriter and rest is history. How much lucky the parents could feel, no one another can better knows than NORVAL MARLY, his father and CEDILLA BOOKER his mother.He was the man, who spread his name to each and every corner of the world.Here are the best Best Bob Marley Images HDBob Marley Images QuotesBob Marley iPhone Wallpapers.You can Download Free HD Images and Memes and share with your Friends.   

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At the beginning of his career, In 1963 with his group ”The wailer” which get high popularity he started his shows with some awkward fashion and singing style which enables his fans to dance on his magical words in a pleasant way.They started rocking the world in a very short time  When this band got broken he in his album Exodus in 1974 showed a solo performance with which he gains the great popularity of the world.

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 His Redemption, 1980, One love, Is this love and Three little birds get the worldwide popularity.

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                      Using Marijuana in his life was another side of the coin which he started using as holy scared thing devoting The god- SHIVA. He enjoys it not for addiction but for practice purpose. He was the lover of football. He has eight sons one of them was adopted by him. The world lost a gold on the 11th may 1981 at  Miami, Florida.This was a black day for his fans as GOD had stolen a diamond from the earth for enjoying such melodious song to them.

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