When we want to cheer up a party or a special day, we often resort to flowers. However, why stop there? Why not create a cheerful home with plants and flowers to feel happy all year round? Today we speak not only of the reason why the most cheerful houses are just like that thanks to the plants, but also which types of plants to choose to get the best from their beneficial effects.

Because the flowers and plants make the house more cheerful

There are many reasons why you feel happy when you have flowers and plants at home. Bright colors, pleasant fragrances and, in some cases, air cleaning are all elements that make the home a more positive environment. Some scientific experiments, which measured happiness caused by receiving flowers as opposed to when they are not received, have found that flowers can have a positive effect on mood for several days.

Other studies, which have measured the effect of flowers on the home environment, have found an increase in the level of empathy as well as a decrease in negativity and anxiety among the participants. Indoor plants also have many proven benefits to keep the house cheerful and even have the power to improve the results achieved in creative activities, if they are visible while working.

In which parts of the house will the plants and flowers grow smiles?

Ideally, you should place your fresh rose flowers or plants in the corners of the house where they remain as visible as possible. The kitchen, the living room and the corridor are ideal places where the family or roommates will enjoy their positive benefits while moving around the house.

In addition, as emerged from a study, people love to look at their bouquets or plants first thing in the morning, so the bedroom could be a great place to place indoor plants so you can always wake up fresh and in a good mood. There are many advantages in sleeping in a chamber in which there are potted plants, as these filter carbon dioxide and release oxygen, helping you to get a deeper and more restful sleep.

The five best flowers to keep the house cheerful:

  • Rose
  • Daffodils
  • Gerani
  • Gerbere
  • Hydrangeas

The five best plants to keep the house cheerful:

  • Spatafillo
  • Orchids
  • Jasmine
  • Thrush
  • Ficuslirata

Keeping flowers and plants happy for a long time

Obviously, the longer your plants and flowers last, the longer you can enjoy the beneficial effect on your mood. Cut flowers and plants have a quite different life span, but they need the same basic elements to keep them at home for a long time.

These elements are light, water and nourishment. Carefully place the houseplants in such a way as to give them the sunlight they need (without exceeding them); give enough water to thrive and some plant nutrition roughly once a week. In this way you can benefit from their presence at home longer.


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